Looking For Embedded Traceability?

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Additive Manufacturing Consulting

It’s no secret, we specialize in printing parts. Our team has a deep understanding of additive manufacturing and can engage with you by the hour or by a fixed price.

Our Approach Is Simple

Research & Discovery

We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and identify specific areas where additive can help.

Strategic Planning

We will prepare the necessary presentation documents to educate and inform key stakeholders.


We’ll help implement the proposed additive strategy and work alongside your team to maximize ROI.

Our Capabilities

We work with diverse teams of all sizes.


Identify Production Capabilities

We help identify and target specific areas where you can use additive in production. Whether it’s to interface with assembly lines or to replace traditional manufacturing methods.


Traceable Parts

We have the ability to 3D print traceable parts using our proprietary materials and scanner technology. Partner with us to take on your next mission critical project with confidence.


Develop Additive Workflows

We’ll work as an extension of your team to understand your current production workflow and help develop new strategies that streamline your business with additive manufacturing.


Integrate Additive Software

Our team can integrate additive workflow software to streamline your manufacturing processes, maximize machine utilization rates and speed up production turnaround to increase efficiency.

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