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We put care into every part.

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to provide quality parts made to your exact specifications. Each part is processed with incredible attention to detail to ensure standards are met.

Print Parts With Confidence

Print your parts with us and receive the highest level of customer service and quality control in the industry.

Every order comes with a Quality Assurance Checklist that is conducted by one of our operators before your parts are sent out for delivery. This allows us to be sure that we’re meeting the proper criteria for each part and that your getting exactly what you ordered.

Beyond our commitment of quality, you will also receive thorough feedback and timely communication as we process your order. This is our pledge to you as a customer, we want you to have the best possible 3D printing experience. Our goal is to produce quality parts, on time, every time.

As your additive partner, our goal is to provide you with high quality parts and great customer support. Have a problem with your order? We’ll fix it or replace a part without any issues.


Print Quality Parts

Quality is our middle name.


Part File Inspection

We will process your part files using our in-house additive software and conduct an initial quality control inspection to make sure all part geometries in your order can be printed.


Laser Precision

Our machines are capable of scanning the build chamber with a laser at 1µm accuracy to generate a contour map of your parts and ensure superior layer to layer accuracy.


Quality Assurance Checklist

Your parts will undergo a final inspection process by one of our operators to ensure that all of your standards have been met and that your parts are ready for packaging and shipping.


Optimal Part Orientation

An additive specialist will review your part files to determine the best orientation for each part based on the additive technologies and materials you chose when placing your order.


Dimensional Accuracy

We can inspect your parts with various measuring tools at different touch points and provide dimensional reports to confirm your parts were printed to the proper specifications.


Certificate Of Conformance

At request, we can supply you with a certificate of conformance certifying your parts, all materials used to create them and our additive manufacturing processes.

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